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Premature Ejaculation is a not unusual condition which suffers more than 80% men of their sexual lifestyles due to which men sense trouble to reap full sexual delight or to fulfill their sexual accomplice. Delay Spray is the first-class solution for this problem and being used by tens of millions of guys in the global for untimely ejaculation. After the use of this product you will be able to carry out like a porn superstar at the same time as doing sex in mattress.


Delay Spray is a moderate anesthetic product which has no facet effects in any respect and it’s miles clinically validated that Delay spray is a brief performing very powerful and safe product for Delay in sexual timing and there is no want of any prescription or session.

When Delay Spray is carried out on penis, it reduces the sensitivity of penis pores and skin and within minutes of being implemented you may decorate your sexual timing up to a couple of hour. So you’ll be capable of satisfy your sexual partner with greater self assurance and may supply her a couple of orgasms and pride.


Benefits of sex Time delay Spray

o             DelaySpray offers u an extended lasting sexual timing and stamina.

o             stronger intercourse pressure, erection and persistence.

o             splendid treatment for premature ejaculation in men.

o             happy sex with complete confidence.

o             confidence to meet your partner as long as she wants to.

o             capacity to reach her on more than one orgasms.

o             Lasts upto more than three hours.

o             zero aspect consequences.

o             now not needed a prescription or scientific consultancy.


How to use delay Spray

1-            Use the spray as a minimum 10 mins earlier than sexual pastime.

2-            Spray twice on cap of penis to get timing for 20 to 30 minutes.

3-            Spray on lower aspect of shaft to get timing of more than forty minutes.

4-            Spray on entire penis if you want the sexual timing of more than one hour, however it will lessen the sensitivity of penis in any respect.

5-            you could also practice onto palm of your hand and then massage the penis

6-            After 15 minutes of utility wash the penis with water for a higher sexual interest.

7-            if you experience a tingling sensation after application, just ignore it as it will subside in little while.

8-            Delay Spray is for outside use only.


Sex Time Delay Spray Price in Pakistan

Sex Time Delay Spray price is Rs.1499


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